The EN7410M wireless charging transmit module

The EN7410M module combines Energous’ fully integrated DA4100 WattUp power transmitter, the DA3210 high-power, high-efficiency RF power amplifier, harmonic filtering, output connector, and optional EEPROM into the smallest footprint possible. The module is suited for incorporation into devices such as smart speakers, medical devices, laptops and tablets, and other devices, enabling them to send power to charge a variety of potential WattUp-enabled receiver devices such as fitness bands, smart watches, game controllers, hearing aids and more.

Transmit Module Features
  • Small-footprint Module at 31 millimeters by 16 millimeters
  • Low-cost PCB Technology
  • 1W Maximum Power Output
  • On-board Harmonic Filter
  • RF Output via Pin or On-board U.FL Connector
  • Bootable UART Host Interface for Connectivity
  • I2C Master for Peripheral Control
  • Shielded