High efficiency wireless power amplifier completes the Near Field WattUp wire-free charging system

DA3210 is a high power, high efficiency CMOS RF power amplifier that, together with the WattUp wireless power transmitter DA4100, is designed to provide optimal charging of WattUp receiver devices. It completes the Near Field WattUp transmitter. It features a single channel RF power amplifier, input and output power detectors that enable closed loop power control and an integrated temperature sensor. Applications include the wireless charging of low-power, battery-powered devices, such as wearables, fitness trackers, hearables, hearing aids, Bluetooth trackers, smart pens and other devices.

DA3210 Block Diagram
  • High power, high efficiency single channel CMOS RF power amplifier
  • Gain adjustable through an SPI compatible serial interface
  • Input and output power detectors
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Analog multiplexer

RF/antenna-based solution

Smaller antenna than coil-based designs

Improved spatial and orientation freedom

Eliminates connectors and charging contacts

Enables fully sealed waterproof design


Fitness Bands


Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Trackers

Smart Pens

Remote Controls

Smart Glasses

Near Field WattUp System

The Near Field WattUp system is comprised of a WattUp wireless power transmitter (DA4100), a WattUp wireless power amplifier (DA3210), a WattUp wireless power receiver (DA2210 or DA2223), a DC regulator, a Li-Ion/Li-Poly battery charger and an optional Bluetooth® Low Energy communication link (DA14680*, DA14681* or DA14585) which supports battery status communication between the WattUp receiver and transmitter. The same link can be used to provide the user with full power management capabilities using the WattUp Application running on a Smartphone or tablet. Antennas are fabricated using low-cost PCB material, flexible PCB or sheet metal.

DA3210 Diagram

*DA14682 and DA14683 are recommended for new designs.