WattUp PowerHub

The WattUp PowerHub Developer Kit

Enabling Faster Integration of Energous’ WattUp Wireless Charging Technology Into Customer Product Designs

The WattUp PowerHub incorporates the DA14682, DA4100, EN3921 and EN3913M devices. The DA4100 is a highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) transmitter IC, the EN3913M is a highly-efficient, GaN power amplifier (PA) controlled by the EN3921, while the DA14682 is a Bluetooth low energy 5.0 SoC with enhanced security and integrated FLASH memory.

On the receiver side, the DA2223 RF-to-DC receiver can be connected to up to four antennas and the DA14585 is a size-optimized, ultra-low power Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip ideal for small form factor product designs.

WattUp PowerHub
WattUp PowerHub


  • Smart speakers
  • Gaming consoles
  • Desktop speakers
  • WiFi access points
  • Computer monitors
  • Teleconference equipment & more

Wireless charging transmitter supporting groundbreaking at-a-distance charging

  • Small size using optimized WattUp technology
  • Scalable performance up to 5.5W of conducted power using a single WattUp PA
  • Charging Zone up to 15cm
  • Optimized antenna for performance design fitted to product mechanical requirements

Simple Implementation

  • Flexible designs that can fit into multiple transmitter and receiver designs
  • Universal transmitter supports variety of receiver devices charging at the same time “one to many”
  • Single PA/Antenna non-beamforming

User Friendly Experience

  • Over-the-air distance charging interoperability

Scalable Architecture

  • Scalable Tx architecture to go for higher power and longer distance
WattUp Powerhub Diagram

Developer Kit

WattUp PowerHub Development Kit


  • Ready to evaluate WattUp transmitter and receiver platform technologies

  • Faster TX solution integration through optimized design

  • RX capable of charging small form factor and large consumer devices

  • Proven FW SDK already supporting Dialog BLE device

  • RX detection and management for multiple simultaneous charging devices

What’s Included

  • Reference Design Transmitter Hardware

  • Reference Design Receiver Hardware

  • Mobile App to monitor and control TX/RX

  • TX/RX Schematics and Layout files

  • TX/RX Antenna Design files

  • TX/RX Mechanical files

  • Firmware SDK

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Partner products based on the WattUp PowerHub technology must secure applicable regulatory certifications in the markets where they will be sold.

Want to learn more? We’ve answered some FAQs that may help you find what you’re looking for:
  • The WattUp PowerHub is a new, non-beamforming, single antenna, single Power Amplifier (PA) transmitter technology that sends power over-the-air to receiving devices that are enabled by the WattUp receiving technology. The WattUp PowerHub Developer kit is a tool to be used by our partners to test and evaluate the technology for adoption into their own product(s).

  • This new technology uses a single, advanced antenna with a single power amplifier to create a small zone of RF energy (roughly 15cm). The required area needed to incorporate this technology is smaller than the required space needed to incorporate beamforming. This offers our partners a low-cost, lower-power solution that can be incorporated into products such as smart speakers, game consoles, desktop speakers, Wi-Fi access points, computer monitors, teleconference equipment and more, enabling those products with the ability to charge WattUp receiver devices within range.

    The energous beamforming technology uses multiple antennas and multiple power amplifiers along with beamforming control circuitry combined with specialized software and a more powerful CPU. Our beamforming solutions offer higher power and further distances while also requiring additional footprint within a product design. Beamforming can be incorporated into computer monitors, soundbars, all-in-one computers, and other larger devices to provide higher power delivery and power-distance.

  • No. This new technology augments our technology portfolio, offering our customers additional power/distance/size/cost options for a larger variety of applications.

  • 170 x 71.5 x 36 mm. This size is based on the inclusion of a USB interface, power supply and BLE connectivity components, which are likely be already present in the intended customer products and therefore not considered part of the WattUp technology footprint.

  • Yes, this all depends on customers desired form factor and use case. We can help to design different antennas to fit the customer’s form factor and use case.

  • 5.5W conducted transmit power.

  • We note about 15cm distance for useable power in general. However, if you have a larger Rx device, like a gaming headset, you could increase the distance or if you require low power (<20mW) then the smaller receivers may be able to be charged at a further distance.

  • The WattUp PowerHub Developer Kit is for our partners to evaluate, test and experiment with our RF-charging technology. There are no audio functions within the WattUp PowerHub.

  • The WattUp PowerHub only weighs about half a pound (262 grams)! This includes the power supply and other components.