Hearing Aids & PSAPs

The WattUp Hearing Aid & PSAP Developer Kit

Enabling Faster Integration of Energous’ WattUp Wireless Charging Technology Into Customer Product Designs

The WattUp developer kit for hearing aids and PSAPs provides manufacturers with a robust set of tools and resources to enable faster integration of Energous’ WattUp technology into future product designs.

The hearing aid reference design transmitter incorporates the DA4100, DA3210 and DA14680 ICs. The DA4100 is a highly integrated system-on-chip RF transmitter IC, while the DA3210 is a high-power, high-efficiency power amplifier (PA) and the DA14680 supports full Bluetooth low energy 4.2 features.

On the receiver side, the DA2223 RF-to-DC receiver can be connected to up to four antennas and the DA14585 is a size-optimized, ultra-low power Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip ideal for small form factor product designs. The complete chipset is available from Energous’ manufacturing partner, Dialog Semiconductor.

Developer Kit


  • Faster product integration

  • Easier manufacturing of wirelessly charged products

  • Small footprint to accommodate devices with various form factors, including those with curved edges and non-flat surfaces

  • WattUp receiver detection

  • Transmitter is available through authorized ODM partner

What’s Included

  • Reference Design Transmitter Hardware

  • Reference Design Receiver Hardware

  • Mobile App to monitor and control TX/RX

  • TX/RX Schematics and Layout files

  • TX/RX Antenna Design files

  • TX/RX Mechanical files

  • Firmware SDK

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Partner products based on the WattUp technology must secure applicable regulatory certifications in the markets where they will be sold.