Office Ecosystem

WattUp® Wireless Charging for the Office

WattUp wireless power transmitters for the office can serve as an essential tool for your workforce’s productivity.

Allow your employees to roam freely and keep their distance with the WattUp ecosystem, which complements various spaces within the office environment — from employee desks, to conference rooms, and even the lunchroom.

When common desktop devices are WattUp enabled, it may offer both Near and Mid Field charging capabilities to keep computer mice, keyboards, smartphones, fitness trackers, remote controls, webcams and other devices charged up throughout the busy work day. Other devices in break rooms, conference rooms and all the way down to the lobby can be charged using in-contact or over-the-air power transmission, depending on the situation.

Picture how much more you can accomplish without having to worry about plugging in your mouse and keyboard or sitting in a certain area just to be near a wall outlet to get your devices some power. A WattUp enabled office will create a work environment that is suitable for the future of office workspaces.

Speaking of the future of office workspaces, COVID-19 guidelines are constantly changing, and WattUp RF-based charging will be part of the solution. WattUp wireless power cannot only be used to power thermometers, proximity alarms and personnel trackers, but it also supports aggressive sanitizing of these devices by removing the need to have plug ports or battery access.

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