Medical Ecosystem

WattUp® Wireless Charging for Medical

WattUp wireless power for medical devices can deliver award-winning over-the-air and at-contact charging options.

Bacteria and infections are among some of the most basic, yet urgently important dangers in exam and operating rooms. Not only do hard-to-sanitize cords on tools harbor germs, but they can also become entangled during use. Cordless tools that are completely sealed can free up doctors and nurses from cord management and also allow for easy sterilization. WattUp charging technology is flexible enough to fit into both large and small devices while supporting both low and high-power needs. Patient monitors, medical sensors, hearables, asset tracking, medical carts and communication systems are just some of the medical applications for WattUp wireless charging.

Wearable technology, specifically for health and wellness, is also becoming increasingly more popular for the common masses. From your blood sugar monitors for diabetes to time-release drug delivery devices, wireless power from WattUp can ensure they are working at their full capacity and can be hermetically sealed. Other devices, such as electrical neuro devices and spine/posture trackers, are also well-suited for wireless power to eliminate the need for additional wiring and cords.

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