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WattUp® for Home

WattUp wireless power will change how you manage all of your battery-powered and plug-in-to-charge devices

Energous offers a wide range of powering options for the home with Near Field High Power systems to fast charge phones, tablets, etc.;  Near Field Low Power systems for charging smart rings, watches, and other wearables; Mid Field systems that can charge devices at a distance either fixed (Smart doorbell, light fittings, security cameras) or mobile (earbuds, headsets, keyfobs);  and Far Field systems that use our energy harvesting technology to keep sensors for Fire and CO2 alarms, temperature monitoring or other security sensors fully operational.

In addition to everyday battery powered devices (gaming controllers, remote controls, smoke detectors, toys, etc.), the average number of connected devices in the U.S. is over 10 per household1. This is where WattUp really proves its value – eliminating the need for constant battery replacement and extra power cords by offering over-the-air charging capabilities to your gadgets.

With the global smart home market exceeding $40 Billion in 20202, the time for WattUp transmitters to keep these smart homes working smoothly is now. Place your device on a WattUp high power Near Field transmitter pad for immediate fast charging power, or leave your items close-by a Mid Field transmitter to keep the battery boosted up for extended use time.

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