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WattUp® for Automobiles

WattUp wireless power transmitters for vehicles will keep your devices charged on your way to work, or on that long road trip you’ve been planning.

WattUp charging technology can come built into the vehicle or retrofitted to an existing vehicle.  Either way Energous offers fast-charging wireless power for smartphones, tablets and more in the dashboard, center console or other areas of the vehicle.  Long gone are the days of unsafely fumbling with wires – because a WattUp-enabled vehicle means you will be able to charge all of the various small electronic devices you carry with you on the road, without having to worry about specific orientation placement.

With an increasing preference for an improved driving experience, the global connected car market is projected to grow at a healthy 24.1% CAGR between 2020 and 2025. At this rate, the industry size will increase from ~$72.5 million in 2019 to ~$198 million by 2025, according to P&S Intelligence1. Car manufacturers are also looking at WattUp to power sensors and other key technologies in the car. This means that not only will WattUp keep your devices charged up while you’re in the car, but it can even transmit wireless power to sensors and other technologies while your car is parked in the garage at night.

Not only will consumer vehicles benefit from WattUp technology, but there are vast opportunities for commercial vehicles and their IoT components. From smaller pallet shipments to large containers, delivery trucks can keep sensors powered to track their precious cargo’s location and status such as temperature and humidity.

For instance, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, an estimated 30-40 percent of our food is lost as a result of failures along cold chain2 shipments. Ideally, food is refrigerated from harvest to delivery, but when this does not go smoothly, the errors are costly to all parties. Cold chain products are not only limited to food but other important items, such as pharmaceuticals, that can be effected by failed systems. By keeping track of shipments and their temperatures, companies have the opportunity to save money and have better control of their business.

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