Product Overview

True Mobility

Wire-free power delivers on the promise of true mobility, the freedom to roam where you want to without worrying about your mobile or battery powered devices running out of charge.  While power cords and charging pads require you to surrender your device to a stationary location, WattUp® gives you the freedom to receive a charge from anywhere within up to a 30-foot end-to-end charging envelope.

Charges Any Battery-Operated Device That Requires Less Than 10 Watts

WattUp RF-based charging can be integrated to provide wire-free charging to a wide variety of electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, wearables, cameras, wireless keyboards and mice, headsets, sensors, LED lights, remote controls and toys; in essence any battery-powered device in your home or office.

Works Like Wi-Fi

A WattUp transmitter, or Power Router, sends energy via a radio frequency (RF) signal to your WattUp-enabled electronic devices when requested. A WattUp receiver in each device converts that signal into battery power.

The entire system is software controlled, so it's intelligent and customizable to your needs and environment. And, because it's designed to work invisibly in the background, WattUp can make low battery anxiety a thing of the past.

How Does it Work?

A Radio Frequency (RF) system, similar to a Wi-Fi system, delivers safe wire-free charging energy at a distances of up to approximately 15ft from a transmitter to a receiver device, such as a mobile phone, and maintains charging while the receiver is in motion.  Up to 12 receiver devices can be managed by the system simultaneously, depending on system specifications.

The Hardware

Highly targeted pockets of energy are delivered via multiple miniature antenna arrays and custom control chips in the transmitter, or Power Router.  Energy harvesting of the micro energy beams from these pockets then takes place via paired antenna arrays and custom chips in the receiver devices.

The Software

The WattUp® software system ensures that the charging waveforms are dynamically directed, focused and controlled via proprietary algorithms.  Charging and communication between transmitters and receivers is intelligently managed using BLE and enterprise-class wireless networking protocols.



WattUp® transmitters, or “power routers,” deliver on-demand charging energy within a 15-foot radius of where they are installed, creating a 30-foot envelope of wire-free charging space.  Each of these power routers can charge up to 12 devices at the same time, so from tablets, mobile phones and wearables, your power needs are truly covered.  And the entire system is software controlled for flexible, accurate and efficient power delivery.     

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WattUp® receivers use multiple miniature antennas to harvest the micro energy beams sent from the transmitter.  This smart antenna technology means power is delivered in smaller, safer, and focused amounts.

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The entire WattUp® wire-free charging system is software controlled.  Using either a mobile app or cloud-based web portal, you can identify which devices you want to receive power, in which order of priority,  and even at what times you want the devices to charge.

For example, you could prioritize the charging of cell phones and tablets as soon as you come home from work, but while you are away, charge household devices such as sensors, remote controls, keyboards and mice.  It’s a fully customizable system, however, if you prefer a more hands-off approach, WattUp has the ability to automatically and intelligently prioritize and manage all of your charging needs.

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