WattUp Wire-Free Charging Ecosystem

Revolutionary, flexible technology that enables wire-free charging from millimeters to distances up to 15 feet

Far Field WattUp Transmitter Design

WattUp Far Field Transmitter

Mid Field WattUp Transmitter Design

WattUp Mid Field Transmitter

Near Field WattUp Transmitter Design

WattUp Near Field Transmitter

WattUp Receiver Technology

Wattup Receiver Devices

Roam Where You Want To™

We are a global leader in RF-based wireless charging technology, and are passionate in our pursuit to provide mobile power to everyone. Headquartered in San Jose, California, we are deeply committed to intelligent innovation, and our WattUp RF-based charging technology is the embodiment of our pursuit to re-imagine today what is possible tomorrow.

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Wire-Free Device Charging
Wire-Free Device Charging
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"Seriously, of all the tech we saw amongst the hundreds of companies we came into contact with at CES, this has the biggest potential to completely changes our lives."

Scott Tharler / Maxim Magazine

"I don't say this often, but I think we are looking at the future of technology."

David Pogue / Yahoo! Tech

"Wireless charging has been a CES tech demo for years. But Energous may be the first company to make the idea practical...the technology is small enough, smart enough, and powerful enough to make a big impact in the near future."

Mark Wilson / Fast Company

"Energous has a solution for wirelessly charging wearables. Its chip will fit where an inductive coil will not."

Aaron Souppouris / Engadget

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